Thursday, February 6, 2014

'Kreative Katie Konnect' is currently in 'Kreative Konstruction'!!!

SNEAK PEAK of my next post coming SOON!
"Cute As A Button"- Everything! How Exciting? 

Hello All!
 I am in "Blogging Construction" physically & have been in that construction mentally for a few months now! I'm getting ready to explode with blog FUN, and I'm giving you a small tease or sneak peak of my next post in the picture above. So exciting & "Cute as a Button".
However, I'm so sorry that I haven't kept up to date, but but I have so many exciting posts to come, DIY, Kiddo DIY party Madness (the GOOD kind madness) & hopefully some cool products & reviews. I'm changing things up a bit! I have been crazy busy creating all sorts of cool things and exploring all sorts of new ideas to add to the blog. But, mainly I have been super busy raising my little one who just turned one, and that means I have a ton of awesome bits of everything to share with everyone about making it to the one year mark with her & then continuing to share my journey in the beautiful world of motherhood. (After all, she is my inspiration for all my creativity!)

With that, Kreative Katie IS NOT GONE, but just "under construction" to become super awesome! Thank you to my devoted twitter followers who continue to share my blog along with my facebook followers who continue to like, share & support my 'kreativeness'.

While being under 'Kreative Konstruction'- In the mean time, check out by taking a skip, hop & jump over to one of my favorite bloggers who offers a super duper AWESOME blog ! This blog has so much to offer from great fashion, product reviews, giveaways, lifestyle & creative posts! There isn't anything you will not just ABSOLUTELY adore about this blog. In short, IT ROCKS! 

Catch ya'll back here soon with lots of cool info, everything parties, DIY, healthy food for the fam, and so much more. 

Until Then-XoXo and...

Stay Kreative