Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Re-inventing the Ugly Duck Nightstand

The summer has begun and so has my blog. Woo Hoo! I'm so very excited to join the LARGE world of creative blogging. I am not only a newbie with my own blogs, but as a reader, too. I am consumed with the overloaded blogs that I have subscribed to on blog lovin'. All if the blogs offer such awesome DIY projects and just plain talent. With that, I now set forth to begin on my own journey. Wish me luck!
    The new-EST night stand
I was so terribly unhappy with our bedroom furniture or lack there of. 
Being a full time mom of a beautiful baby girl and living in a town that coal has taken most jobs away (East Kentucky) can leave you overwhelmed & broke. 
Therefore, getting new furniture was completely out of the question. So, I began letting my creative juices flow and brewed up a deliciously cute re-invent my husband's childhood nightstand that sits by our bed. 
Oh yes! An old piece of furniture is about to COME TO LIFE! 

The picture of the DRAB nightstand above looks irreparable, but you just wait- with a little sandpaper, white primer, paint, scrapbook paper and mod podge- this little nightstand's dream is about to come true! Yay- the overall plan: sand it down, prime, paint, and simply mod podge my fave scrapbook paper into fitting geometrical cut outs on the top. Pottery Barn eats their hearts out with ideas like this- LOL!
It's fast, CHEAP and so so so C-U-T-E!
I am giving you my complete how to from beginning to end- (along with my witty personality to go with! =)
Bear with me as I learn blogging as I continue to blog along, pretty please? 😜

I sanded this ugly duckling with a piece of heavy grit & one piece of fine grit sand paper. I used the heavy grit on the more difficult parts like the top. I sanded the entire top off and found that the top wasn't even real wood! (Lol) However, the rest was of it was wood and the top actually sanded down still yet to even out and be a perfect canvas. I took the fine grit and briefly just went over the rest in order to only make it rough so that primer & paint would stick. 
Here I am getting it DONE! 👌

(Notice the smile on my face! LOL) 

I splurged a tad on good quality white primer. ( Bulls Eye 1-2-3 )This is a good idea to use newer (not the 20+ years old primer I had stowed away in the pantry) primer because you want to be able to cover your surface in its entirety. I also splurged on NEW & Better brushes to paint with. Of course you can use older ones, but my old brushes were stiff and paint filled. (My husband didn't take care of then in last project, but that's another post! LOL) I wanted newer and nicer brushes so that each stroke would be nice and smooth. You definitely want to make your foundation smooth, neat & clean before you paint your surface.  
I mixed my primer well and began to paint the entire piece with the primer- it took only 5 minutes to do this! Awesome!
What's more awesome is that the primer basically dried right after I put it on- literally, after each stroke was brushed on- DRIED! (Like magic!)
This obviously Thrilled me! 

I was ready to PAINT with the matte finish paint that took forever to pick out! What color would I use to make this ugly duck nightstand to turn it into a beautiful creation? (That fit perfectly in our bedroom?) 

That is a surprise to be continued in my next blog! Yay- what better reason do you need in order to check this blog out on Sunday? (This coming week will be my next scheduled blog post!) That's Right! The suspense of seeing the color & end creation of my re-invented nightstand- woo hoo! 

Until Sunday. I Bid You A Due!
(In other words, to be cont. & later gater)
Again, Please bare with me as you follow along with me into this blogger's journey. Please, oh please, DO comment any and every idea or thought you have! Thanks in advance- 

Thanks so much for visiting & please check back- 


  1. I loved your first post! You actually gave me an idea to do the same with some old furniture my mother has in storage. I can't wait to see how it turned out!

  2. and yet another reason that I love you, Katie-bear!!


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